• please be advised that the Stroud Show camp draft on Friday 21 st of April has been cancelled.
  • All other events on both Friday and Saturday will go ahead as per schedule.
  • We borrow approx. 500 head of cattle from predominantly between Stroud Rd and Gloucester to run our draft. These areas have had upwards of 400mm of rain in the past month.
  • Our donors have advised us that even with good weather between now and the show, they will not be able to get trucks in to get the cattle out.
  • We made this decision also based on the fact that draft entrants start preparations, shoeing horses and the like 2 weeks prior to any event. This is not a decision that was taken lightly.
  • Thanks particularly to our major cattle sponsors, The Farley family, the Gorton family, and the Edwards family.
  • The show will go on, please come and support our wonderful community event.


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