Dog Trials

dog trials

Dog training and dog competitions are becoming more popular with the pet owners as it is an opportunity for them to compete against their own best friends. Dog training competitions are also organized by professional trainers and instructors. They help to train dogs and give them a boost of confidence.

Most of the dog owners prefer dog competitions over dog training because they get a chance to win and have fun together with their best friends. If you want to take part in these kinds of events and get your pet the best possible training, you need to learn the basic steps and methods that go behind the process of winning the dog trials.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with organizing a competition in which the participants can choose to be any type of dog. Dog owners who have more than one pet find it more fun to compete in one contest and the other pets do the same. There are several categories of dog and there is no limitation to which one can be entered in a competition. These include:

  • Obedience Classes. This category involves teaching the dog to obey its master. Some basic commands are taught here such as sit, stay, come, etc. These classes can include live demonstrations on how to use these commands properly. There are also seminars conducted during the competition, so the participants can learn new commands while at the same time practising with their pets.
  • Agility. This involves training the dog to jump, crawl, dive, and dodge. This kind of competition is one of the few ones that can get the adrenaline pumping for the participants. However, the dog agility competition is often fierce and the dog owners usually take it to heart after losing many times. For this reason, it is advised that the participants start slowly and should be prepared to lose several times before becoming better and more experienced.
  • Jumping competitions are also held during dog agility events. The participants jump from a fixed distance and try to reach their goal in the shortest time possible. This is a fun type of competition that can thrill the participants since they get a chance to show off their skills.
  • Obedience courses are usually held during dog training competitions. These courses involve training the dog to respond to commands. There are also tests that the participant needs to pass so that he or she will be able to master the commands.
  • Agility is a fun form of competition as well since there are usually several people participating. in each group. This helps to increase the level of competition among the participants learn from the other participants and they can work as a team.
dog trials

Dog trials also vary based on the type of competition that they are held in. For example, a class competition usually has smaller participants while an agility competition is usually for larger dogs.

There are also specific events that can be held during dog trials. These events include:

  • Dog agility competitions are usually held in high schools, colleges, kennels and professional dog training facilities and may last for several days. They are organized by the national or regional championships.
  • Dog obedience competitions can also be held during dog trials. They usually last for two days and are also held at professional dog training facilities.
  • Dog agility is similar to dog agility competitions. This involves the dog to jump from a fixed distance. The dog must complete the course without crossing it.
  • many other events can be held in dog training competitions or dog agility competitions. These events may include:

It is important to remember that the number of competitors will differ with the type of competitions. Since these competitions are open to the public, it is best if you do your homework before attending them so that you can enjoy the competition and enjoy your time in the dog agility classes or the dog agility courses.

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